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Specialists in maintaining independence and improving lifestyles

At the wildMANN group, we are the specialists in maintaining independence and improving lifestyles.

To achieve this we focus on improving individuals:



We come to you, in your own home to identify your physical, functional or falls prevention needs and assess the environment in which you perform the majority of your activities of daily living.

We develop a personalised program to meet your needs and identify if a minor modification to your home, furniture or your technique is the difference you need to achieve your goals.

Sometimes it’s as little as a modification to your functional biomechanics that can provide you with the benefits you desire.

Our programs can be designed in your home, outdoors or in the community for anything from health and well-being, general fitness, sports specific, through to our more specialized falls prevention and postural stability schemes.

Our ultimate goal at the wildMANN group is to keep you living safely and independently in your own home now and all the years to come.

Our specialist staff can identify modifications to support your function within the home and our extensive team are on hand to implement the customised adaptations permitted by you.

  • We developed our services with you in mind and as we ALL grow older our needs and our abilities inevitably do change
  • We want to ensure your retirement years are mobile, functional and enjoyable
  • You have waited a long time for them to arrive, now we want to ensure you enjoy every day

One-in-three of people over the age of 65 and one-in-two people over 80 experience a fall each year and this leads to approximately 20,000 hip fractures in Australia every year (Neuroscience Research Australia).

Our specialised provisions reduce your risk of falls and injuries, decrease the likelihood of wrist and hip fractures, hospital stays and treatment and evades the move into a care home. It has been specifically designed to improve postural stability and reduce the risk of falls. Postural stability implies good balance and postural control. Those with poor postural stability have an increased tendency to fall.

The program has been developed by a team with extensive expertise in the fields of research, exercise, medicine and general practice, falls and injury prevention, rehabilitation, education, social services and public health.

Falls risk factors can be both Intrinsic, meaning internal which can be harder to control, and also Extrinsic, external in nature such as the environment, which can be modified more easily.

This service is not just for those who have never fallen, it also significantly impacts the lives of those who have already fallen, with or without sustaining injuries and for those who are afraid of falling. The fear of falls can be crippling in the way in which it affects your confidence and your ability to perform everyday activities.

The Postural Stability service is conducted in a community based facility to provide participants with social outings to also target the loneliness and social isolation that is often felt by our older generation when they suddenly find themselves living on their own.

You are all extremely valued members of our community and we want to keep it that way.

So whether you are one step ahead or have already experienced a number of falls, we’re the team to help you achieve your goals.

Our Specialised Professional Staff can also provide information sessions to groups within the community, clubs and housing schemes on Falls Prevention techniques and instruction on what to do in the event of a fall.