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Because peace of mind is priceless

We want the time you spend with family members to be quality time together.

Not time consumed by family members completing odd jobs and analysing your functional abilities.

We want to give everyone peace of mind that your home is fit to live in and you are capable to do so.

Life is to be lived and enjoyed.

You will feel the relief immediately when you no longer have to request family members for their assistance to make running repairs. You’ll be under the wildMANN wing for all such needs and you’ll be certain the job’s done right, not by a family member or friend with two left hands.

Your family will also be at ease knowing that you have the trustworthy wildMANN team to fulfill all your property maintenance and individual functional mobility needs. It will ensure visits or outings are social and enjoyable experiences where the family can share quality time together.

Our commitment to you:







  • We offer a 100% workmanship guarantee and use quality materials.
  • We assure you that we will treat you and your home with total respect.
  • We will not rush and we will not take short cuts.
  • We’ll respond to questions as quickly as possible and guarantee a 48 hour follow up if you are not completely satisfied with the services you’ve received.
  • We’ll leave your house or yard as neat (or neater) than we found it.
  • We’ll get the job done right and there is no job too small.
  • We are fully licensed, registered and insured, offer free no obligation quotations and discounts for pensioners.


It is our mission to keep all our clients in their own homes and out of care homes, enabling them to live independently and to be able to spend quality time with their families and loved ones. This mission will be achieved by providing innovative and market leading services and products which will allow our customers to maintain their mobility, independence and lifestyle as well as the condition and value of their property.

At the wildMANN group we strongly believe that staff are the heart of the business and we aim to develop and enhance each and every employee’s life as well as their families. Our goal is to employ people over the age of 50, who have invaluable life experience, along with people that have an inherent desire to learn and help others and those who are specialists in their chosen field

| Our VISION |

It is our vision to improve the lives and homes of all families, customers and employees, who are associated with the wildMANN group, through our smart and innovative approach to our market leading services.

Our ambition is for you, your family and our whole team to all be part of the wildMANN group family.